Monday, 4 October 2010

Cheerio Pat

Hi Ho and Happy Monday! School's back, the weather is swirly and warm and there are bugs and beetles abounding. Daylight Savings! Hoorah! Are you jet lagged? For the first time in ages it was light when Boy Two left for school at 7am (he has to catch a number of trams, poor chuck). More changes; a new header for Baxter Street. Please forgive any fiddling over the ensuing days. Here is the old header in its entirety— just in case you like to look closely at books (and just in case you thought the bookcases at Baxter Street were actually tidy). Cheerio dear Postman Pat! Is Pat still around I wonder? Or is he just a 'warm milk' memory for the Y generation? I'm not sure, I'm a little out of touch with Toddlers and Wobblers these days. I always thought Pat was a dear old sweetie, his small, small life was charming to my mind.  For a time Boy One also shared my love for Pat, but he has since moved on to David Lynch. And so the world turns.
Have a wonderful week, dear reader, and may your world turn smoothly. xx

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