Sunday, 13 March 2011

in the pink

Should you be asked to bring a plate over the long weekend, dear reader, (or at any time for that matter) might I suggest this wonderment? It comes to us via the lovely Sandra Eterovic. It is officially called A Moist Coconut Cake With Coconut Ice Frosting and you can get the recipe here. I regret that I was a little over-zealous with the cochineal (i just don't have the gentle flick of the wrist required to concoct a delicate, understated pink) but I'm sure you can imagine just how lovely this cake could look in skilled hands. We wore sunglasses to eat this one, dear reader, and despite its 'OMG Look at me! I am a Zsa Zsa Cake!' appearance it was, quite frankly, delicious. Thank you dear Sandra E, the Moist Coconut Cake With Coconut Ice Frosting is now officially
On My List. xx
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  1. Jen,
    You had me going for a second— I thought you'd actually used cochineal for color. How I would love a slice of this with my Sunday morning breakfast coffee!

  2. Heidi, But I did use cochineal! Is it banned in the states i wonder? It doesn't exactly have the nicest reputation here but hey, we're all still flickin' it around! Next time I'm in Virginia I am going to drop by with this cake and we can have Morning Tea on your veranda. (but i wont use cochi, I promise) jx ;)

  3. I think it's quite a delightful shade of pink, actually. The original version of the recipe, published in 1987 in the holy Cakes and Slices Cookbook, is in fact quite a bright pink. I think that stylists these days have lost touch with the sense of kitsch that this recipe deserves. (I personally think that a good guide is the coconut ice from Darrell Lea.)

    I love your clogs too -- and I think they will look grand with socks! And tres Scandi!

  4. I made this cake during the week and now it's ALL GONE. That's what comes of having 4 young adults in the house.

    They voted it yummy. Even the not-so-keen-on-coconut family members liked it.

    Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Oh yes the clogs with that cake - perfect, darling!


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