Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Max 101

I have been watching Max closely. It has occurred to me that he can teach me a thing or two while I am in my Period of Great Introspection and perhaps it is not only chance that has thrown us together.
Here is a list of his qualities~ the ones I admire most.

Max is:
Quietly assertive
Happy to drink bath water
Self-contained and self-assured
Affectionate in a way that is measured, serene and never needy
He is also a no nonsense Country Kitty who is content to sleep in the garden all day.
Max is what I would call 'Self-Actualised'.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.
Max, I dig you. I really do. Thank you for putting up with me. xx
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  1. ...and maybe you're teaching things to Max

  2. Love this. Maybe I need a Max cat. Probably cheaper than a guru.

  3. Yeah, cats are great. He really is a beautiful one too.

  4. Yes, they're very self-sufficient and good at self love. No false modesty about them at all.

  5. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for your lovely comments about my work over on my little blog - always so lovely to get nice words about your own work and it made me smile.
    Glad you're enjoying living with a cat for a while. I love my cat and can't imagine having a home without her. Cats are great company and so very funny. Max looks a sweetie :)


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