Tuesday, 26 July 2011

fantastic black plastic

I went to Bendigo this weekend, dear reader, to visit my parents. It was my mother's 88th birthday. I do love getting up to the country. I even had time for a short bush walk this time, a stroll among the wattle as it were. I also did a spot of foraging in the local junk/antique stores. I am on a mission to reclaim my vinyl collection, dear reader, so if ever I spot a record that I used to own, I snap it up. Do you see The Beach Boys there in the pic? I was the first in my group of friends to discover The Beach Boys and this is something of which I am immeasurably proud. As teenagers growing up in a small country town in the 70s, we did not have the best access to music. The local radio station (god bless 'em) tended to favour Gene Pitney, Bobby Darin and Johnny Cash. This was all well and good but I always felt there must be MORE. In time I was lucky enough to acquire my own 'semi-portable' HMV three-in-one. You know, stereo, radio, tape deck all together in one snazzy unit with a smoky grey plastic lid. I had it set up in my bedroom and at night when everyone was asleep I would sit by the radio with my headphones plugged in and 'surf' the radio waves— all those little green lights blinking at me from the console. Reception was better late at night and I could pick up all sorts of groovy stations such as 3XY in Melbourne and, joy of joys, 2SM in Sydney. In this manner, I discovered The Beach Boys (I still remember the first time I heard Surfer Girl), Gary Glitter, T Rex, Cat Stevens (hallow'd be thy name, oh the hours I spent smoking Alpine cigarettes, studying his photograph and wondering if he was in need of a girlfriend). Yes, I may have been tired at school the next day but my mission was a worthy one and, as it turns out, much more formative than any first period maths class could ever be... xx
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  1. I insist you visit for a cuppa next time when you're in Bendigo- we do have great op shops too!!!

  2. Oh that would be great, Lorraine. In fact, as we were driving up there I said to Himself 'I wish I had Lorraine Marwood's phone number!' I will let you know next time, it would be lovely to see you. jxx

  3. Dear Jen, Belated birthday wishes to your Mum. I love going to the country as well. Aren't we funny old things? The way we start madly collecting up all the things we once culled (or our mothers culled). I've been collecting all my old Enid Blytons and also the Girls annuals and the Fontana versions of Agatha Christie as well. And nothing beats vinyl. I love it for the music and the illustrations. We have quite a large vinyl collection here. I was mad for Simon and Garfunkel, The Bay City Rollers, Blondie, Kate Bush, Cat Stevens. All the greats really. I still love them all! xx

  4. Love your new blog header. You are clever. It made me smile as soon as I saw it. xx


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