Monday, 4 July 2011


Is there anything more Australian than a Sunday Night Roast followed by a trifle? It's such a lovely time to reconnect with one's errant family (and the cold, hungry Extras one often finds loitering under the porch light on Sunday night). Use an organic, happy chooky, dear reader, stuffed with garlic, sprinkled with the odd bay leaf and utterly Slathered in butter, salt, cracked pepper and thyme. Honestly, I would include an entire Branch of thyme if I could fit it in the oven. A hefty glug glug glug of sweet sherry in the trifle gives one's brood a warm, Fireside Glow, and the crushed walnuts 'cut through the sweetness' in that totally Master Chef way.  Have a lovely week, dear reader. xx
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  1. Yummy! Comfort food at its best...and that trifle looks divine. Bon appetit!

  2. What lucky, lucky cold hungry Extras you have loitering on the porch! The perfect meal for a windy winter's evening.
    I love using Masterchef speak like "cut through the sweetness" though I will try and refrain from the words that George Calombaris makes up, "criterias" being the latest example.

  3. Hello Jen, I'm trying to catch up on a few blogs today. I love roast chicken on the weekend. It's a real tradition in our house. Have you tried the Nigella Lawson chicken yet? My friend who always does a roast chicken on a Monday swears by it. I think it's marinated in buttermilk. Your meal looks divine. I'm a huge fan of comfort food. xx


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