Sunday, 7 August 2011

dress-ups AND a special birthday

Weekends are busy so I won't hold you up, dear reader. Suffice to say that yesterday was Baxter Street's birthday! One whole year of blogging. It has positively WHIZZED by and I have enjoyed every minute. Not just writing you these little letters, but more importantly reading your comments and your blogs and peeking into your lives. Some of you might know that I did once have a Facebook account but alas I became OBSESSED with it. It was running my life, dear reader, and causing me no end of angst. Every time I hit a snag with my writing (which on average is about every second sentence) I would think, 'Oh, I'll just have a peek at Facebook', and down the rabbit hole I would go, sometimes not returning until the bell rang for dinner. These were not days well spent, dear reader. Well, not in terms of my creative output anyway. So, after much hand wringing, I closed my Facebook account and it wasn't until some months later when I was sitting at home with a nasty cold that I thought I might like to start a little blog. I am so glad I did! It's much more manageable than Facebook and I have met some truly lovely friends. And I do not put you in inverted commas, dear reader, because I do think of you as my friends. Yes, indeed. Absolutely. I have not had time to make a cake so I can only offer you chocolate (honeycomb nut clusters served in my favourite pink glass bowl). I also give you some pics from a little dress-up party we had yesterday at The Little Bookroom, where we celebrated the release of The Accidental Princess. We made princess hats, and I did a reading, and the children dressed up and it was very special thanks to the efforts of Leesa and Elvira and my publisher from Penguin, Lisa Riley. Thanks also to the lovely mums who came along with their gorgeous kids. Events such as these are so inspiring, they make me want to rush off and write even more books! Books and Blogs. Thank you all for sharing and reading and commenting. Until tomorrow xx from Baxter Street.

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  1. Can't wait to read your book- what a wonderful celebration- crafting and reading! Here's to more book launches for you. x

  2. Dear Jen, First time visitor, first time commenter on your blog. I love your writing and sense of humour. I love your book collection and I love that you're are an author. Hope you don't mind but now I am gonna become a follower.

  3. Hi there Chris I'm very pleased to meet you and thank you for your lovely comments. Thanks also for following Baxter Street! Keep in touch jx

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Dear Jen,
    love your blog,love you!
    If you were here with me I would arrange a birthday part in The Vintage Fairy Tales cottage,
    The Skating Monkey would entertain while I was decorating the cake:)

  5. Oh Becky how wonderful. I could spend hours speaking to The Skating Monkey, we have so much in common. And a party at VFT cottage would be the Highlight of my calender. If i had enough fairy dust i would go 'poof' right now and materialise on your doorstep. jxx

  6. Oh my, has it really been a year? I feel so old now. Your book is wonderful. I'm half-way through it (reading it along with my bookclub books). I also bought a copy for a little girl I've been doing some volunteer reading with at my daughter's school. I'm sure it will get her cracking. I am loving it. xx


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