Wednesday, 11 April 2012

when nerds relax

Okay, so we spent our Easter evenings hot-tailing it down to Applebox in order to secure the next installment of Game of Thrones. We rationed ourselves, dear reader, showed restraint. Two episodes per night we allowed ourselves, then we sat there, positively glued to the settee, only moving to Add More Chocolate. Like many things, Himself and I have come to this late. No matter. We are totally enthralled by this hopelessly brutal, completely tawdry, Absolutely Rated R For Good Reason, series. Epic, dear reader. Totally. Epic. Himself and I keep falling into 'Thronespeak' with romantic text messages 'tween each other such as, 'Stay close. Stay true'. Or, 'I fear I have strayed beyond the North Wall'. Or even more ludicrous to nonbelievers, 'I have sent a raven with news from Kings Fell.' Of course, I sometimes get muddled and it goes a bit Lord of the Ringsish; 'Keep it secret. Keep it safe'. Or, 'I give you the light of Earendil, our most beloved star'. But you get the gist. Of course, I blame Boromir for my confusion. How can he be in both 'stories'? I ask you! 
Don't you just love being a nerd? Not that you are a nerd, dear reader. No siree. I'm just saying... Oh, I think it's best if I leave it there. Navaer, dear reader, navaer. xx
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  1. Oh how we LOVE Game of Thrones around here. Nerds are my favourites. xx

  2. Dear Jen, I’m relieved to note I’m probably not a nerd (although most of my friends might disagree) as I have no idea of what you are on about. I hope you are well and the Muse is with you. xx
    ps Is that nerdish to wish such a thing?


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