Thursday, 20 September 2012

writerly films, a list

That film, you know, the one with the writer in it...
Here is my Top Eleven (for today at least).
Stranger than Fiction
Miss Potter
Romancing the Stone
Hannah and Her Sisters
The Hours
Julie and Julia
My Brilliant Career
The Shining
Stand by Me

I have others, dear reader, but if you feel at all inclined, do let me know yours. xx
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  1. Glad to see 'The Shining' in there. And don't forget 'Barton Fink'.
    Then there's that whole sub-set of writer biopics: 'Agatha' (Vanessa Redgrave as Agatha Christie!), 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' (Johnny Depp as Hunter S Thompson), 'The Last Station' (Christopher Plummer as Leo Tolstoy!)

  2. Oh, yes, and Fear and Loathing. My teenage son gave it to me for Mothers Day! LOL

  3. Jen, I recently saw 'Capote' for the first time— great film which left me wanting to read 'In Cold Blood' (which I did) and then, of course, re-read 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.
    'The Hours' is next on my list. Last spring, on a visit to the New York Public Library's special collections room, I saw Virginia Woolf's cane on display in one of the bookshelves— you know, the one she left on the riverbank with her hat, before she filled her pockets with stones. I read 'Mrs. Dalloway' when I got home.

    Happy Spring!

  4. The Wonder Boys, with Michael Douglas. Remember his endless novel stuffed in every available drawer of his office? His bathrobe? You'll love it, Jen, if you haven't seen it

  5. Wonderboys. I couldn't bear the book or the film. Adaptation. Less annoying. My Brilliant Career - wonderful. And my favourite: An Angel At My Table. Has the best 'pompous writer' scene in it I know, when a whole group of writers are boasting about having this and that piece published in this and that literary journal or review and they turn and ask Janet Frame if she's published anything, to which she innocently answers: 'Only a couple of novels.'
    Fear and Loathing makes a GREAT Mother's Day present!

  6. Sally, I must chase up Angel, i know i've seen it but I've forgotten it entirely. Thanks for the reminder. xx

    Julie, I've never seen Wonderboys. Seeing as you and Sally are divided I must see it! xx

    Heidi, It's so lovely to hear from you! Oh that scene by the river, I'm so jealous of your trip to the NYPL! I cringed at the way Capote dismisses poor Harper's writing as 'childrens stuff'. Such lovely irony, also so familiar to all kid's writers. ;-) xx

  7. I just wanted to add a film to your list of movies about writers- 'The Help'. It is a wonderful book and a great film. I am sitting here watching it while on hols wiping away tears - some of sadness and some because of the 'terrible awful" (Certainly terrible and awful...but still rather funny!!!)

  8. Oh, yes, Redleaf! Definitely The Help. Maybe I should replace Stand By Me on my list with The Help? I mean, Stand By Me isn't exactly 'writerly' in the true sense is it? It's just sort of bookended by a writer looking back... Thanks for the reminder, i loved The Help. xx

  9. I think you've got them all:)
    Hope everything if GREAT with you Dear Jen

  10. Hi Jen,
    Love your new header (as always). One of my favourite writing films is Secret Window starring Johnny Depp. He makes a very cute looking writer, I also loved an old film with Candice Bergen and Jacqueline Bisset called Rich and Famous (purely because Bisset’s character quote Yeats)xx


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