Sunday, 10 March 2013

break it down (yo)

I make no claims when it comes to being a style queen, dear reader. For every time I get it right, there are half a dozen times when I get it dreadfully wrong. 'Nevertheless', as Katherine Hepburn would say, my ship sails on. I do like to talk about fashion and analyse fashion and, as I get older, I must say I find throwing an outfit together a tad more tricky; my body shape is no longer straight forward, it keeps shifting and changing in the most unpredictable and at times frustrating manner. Oddly enough though I do find that at this age I am more at ease with my limitations and flaws, and more accepting of what I can and can't carry off... I am certainly happier to make mistakes.
Recently, I put this little pic on facebook. I had just finished writing a new book and to mark the occasion I bought a snazzy polka dot umbrella. Rest assured, I will prattle about the book in another post (ahem). Meantime, I was surprised by the kind and interested comments regarding my outfit. And in 'real life' it was the same. 'I just love that outfit,' said a friend over coffee. 'I've been examining that pic, trying to figure out your ensemble. How did you put it together?'
With this in mind here is my Fashion Breakdown.

TOP: Zen Garden, sleeveless, cotton, scrunch tunic, purchased in one of those 'hippy' shops.
SKIRT: Sunnygirl cotton maxi (you can pick up this brand just about anywhere). Note, mine is artfully knotted—I cannot tolerate anything flapping around my ankles. I am also partial to an artful knot.
JACKET: Katies. A denim jacket is still an essential but for me it is never, ever teamed with jeans. Denim overload, dear reader, beware.
SCARF: Summer scarf/wrap. Again, you can buy these absolutely everywhere. I bought this one at Poppi and Pippa in Williamstown
BOOTS: Cowgirl boots. Mine are Spanish. No zips, just yank them on. Designed to slouch around the ankles. I adore these boots. I bought mine at Cinori Shoes in Clifton Hill.
BEADS: Green wooden beads (to pick up the tones in the scarf) from Ishka, Carlton.
UMBRELLA: David Jones.

And there you have it. It's all about layers and varying your lengths. I rarely buy an entire outfit in one hit. Instead, I like to build up my outfits from what I already have in my wardrobe. I lay out all the bits and bobs first, seeing which fabrics and colours and textures work together. Then and only then do I go to the extreme length of trying things on. Creating an outfit this way is much less stressful than rushing from shop to shop on the same day, trying frantically to pull it all together. It makes fashion fun. And occasionally, I am pleasantly surprised with the results. xx

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