Tuesday, 26 March 2013

classically trained

While making my new Life List (see previous post) I wrote, Read More Classics. Then I thought for a moment and wrote, Make a Classics List (ahem). One list leads to another doesn't it, dear reader? Here are two I am kicking off with. Trust me, J. B. Priestley is to die for (I'm reading this partly as research for a book I plan to write next year and partly for the sheer joy of his writing). As for The Women in Black, I am stunned. How could it be that I didn't even know this book existed? Don't be a dunce like me, dear reader. Read The Women in Black by Madeleine St JohnYou. Will. LOVE. xx
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  1. Dear Ms. Storer,
    I couldn't agree more heartily - the classics truly rounds one out (and that's not just the cake and tea taken whilst reading them!) Classics are truly fortifying.

    Again, you provide so much to your reader! Priestley has been languishing on my list longer than deserved, but St. John I had never encountered. What an enticing title - "The Women in Black" - this might call for duck liver pate, a sturdy cracker and a stiff gin.

    Whatever it takes, I say!

    Yours - entirely,
    Pearl x

  2. Pearl, dear, when you think of the women in black think are you being served...on speed. Gin, definitely. BTW Isn't the Text cover just so very dapper? xx

  3. Utterly dapper, Jen!

    (I hope you don't mind my informality, when we've hardly made each others acquaintance.)

    The designer is obviously applying the "not quite so much, is absolutely abundantly more" theory of design. The black dress, so essential, elegantly and seductively juxtaposed against the flirty yellow gingham.

    Chilling the gin, as we correspond.

    P x


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