Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Happy Oneday

I am entering Crystal Bay again this week, dear reader. A place where it is always summer, the sea is always in walking distance and you can always taste salt in the air. I am working on book two today;  writing a character bio and story outline for Romy (she's rather sullen but intriguing nonetheless). As I cogitate on the back porch it occurs to me that summer is making a a mockery of autumn. This is not Crystal Bay. This is Melbourne, Australia and it is March. For heaven's sake, summer, away with you! For those of you who live close by, Happy Pretend Monday (a long weekend always plays havoc with my inner calender). To everyone else, I wish you a snappy, productive, creative week. May the next few days bring you:
* a belly laugh
* coffee with a girlfriend
* more than one hug 
*helpful insights from your Fairy Godmother
* at least one good hair day.
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  1. There'll be no good hair days for me while the weather resembles hell.
    Great to meet you the other day Jen. You are so much like your photos but even lovelier! Thank goodness for the blogosphere. :)

  2. Likewise, Sandra. I must say I was a little star struck. It's always weird when you meet a blogger you love! xx


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