Friday, 8 March 2013

jen and the giant apricot

Today is International Women's Day and I want to share with you a small irony. While working away merrily it occurred to me that seeing as the house was empty and the day was hot and steamy and my productivity was at all-time low, I might dye my hair. I had a box of Magic Potion beckoning me in the bathroom. So, I donned the surgeons' gloves (feeling ever so professional) and  slathered the magic potion all over my locks. My goodness, it was a breathtaking procedure. I do understand that it can't be wise to plaster toxic goo all over your head. Goo that literally takes your breath away. But I was in urgent need of a change. And I was bored. 'Twenty minutes' the stylish, talking box suggested. Twenty minutes and I, too, would look like a Front of House, Movie Star. Oh goody! I wrapped my head in an old towel to hold the fumes at bay and sat down at Mary Mac again. I began thinking about all the marvelous women I have loved and admired throughout my life. Not the gorgeous ones I see every day and love to bits and could not possibly live without. But the really STELLAR, OUT OF REACH ones that have influenced me in less immediate but just as profound ways. I began looking at images of them on the Electric Web. I quite literally fell through the looking glass, dear reader—peering lovingly at Nora Ephron and Cate Blanchett and Clarissa Dickson Wright and Tilda Swinton and Judith Wright and Harper Lee. On and on it went until suddenly (an hour later!) I thought, OMG, my hair! I ran to the mirror. I slowly unravelled the towel. It was like one of those Removing The Bandages scenes in an afternoon soap opera. And what did I find? My hair is apricot, dear reader. Simply and scrumptiously apricot. You could serve it with ice cream, honestly you could. I thought, shall I lament? Shall I cry over my new Goulburn Valley look? But then I thought, No! I will wear my apricot hair proudly. I am Woman. I am Apricot. And I Count. We all do. No matter what shape, colour,  style or proclivity. We are all WONDERFUL. This is the best time in history to be a woman. We have MILES to go but we are getting somewhere. Hold onto that thought, dear reader. We are getting somewhere. Together. Go forth. Be fabulous! xx

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  1. I can hear that Apricot Roar from here, 'Yes! I'm wise but it's apricot without pain. Yes I've pipped the prize but look at the jam stain! If I had to I can do ANYTHING...'
    (roar from the blogger crowd) I am Jen! I am Apricot!! You always give me a laugh. xx

  2. Apricot hair sounds lovely! So summery too.


    Iam woman Iam apricot

    made my day that did soooo if you are that then

    Iam woman Iam plum!!!

    heh heh!

  4. Helen, you and I we are 'Women of the Stone Fruit clan'. Altho i must say my apricot is already fading, which I guess is part of the deal with cheap hair dye! xx ;-)

    Piroska, you are right, it is summery! I hope the fruit bats don't start chasing me. I'll have to put a net over my head and dangle old cds from my ears...


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