Monday, 13 May 2013

visible me made

It was finally properly cold here last night. Yay! This is a hurriedly rushed double combo post. A Visible Monday (Patti xx) and a non-member but highly impressed by you all contribution to Me Made May

I made the vest, Cleckheaton Country Tartan, 8 ply. I didn't use a pattern (well, only a rough guide for the shaping, the rest was freefall as I wanted a rustic look). I made the polka dot flower brooch.
Virgo Model 1960s woollen car coat: Op shop
Earrings: David Jones circa 1989
Silk head scarf: Lost and Found market
Green scarf: some market somewhere...
Faux denim shirt: Just Jeans
Spanish seed beads: Inzagi
Skirt: Princess Highway (you know, the aubergine one I need to have surgically removed...)

So sorry for this rushed post. Hello and the warmest of greetings to my new readers. To everyone else, thank you for reading my blog, for putting up with crappy phone photos like these, and for all your lovely comments. You are The Bees Knees. Have a beautiful week. xx

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  1. Such pretty colors and textures. Love your hair!

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Lovely pieces that all come together so beautifully, Jen! I love the silk scarf in your hair - I do that sometimes as well. Thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. I love how all the colors go together so wonderfully...and I adore the hairdo! Not creepy at all!

  4. Like Ann I love your hairdo, and how you mixes and matches the autum colors.

  5. You look like a Daphne du Maurier heroine, in portrait. Taken just before she gets in all the trouble you know she'll find!
    Remarkable, and lots of fun.

  6. Hey Jen...I think this is a lovely little post! Look at it this way. Your photos tell the story beautifully. I love the layers. For some reason, I never imagine down under as getting proper winter weather, but you look quite cosied up for autumn. Love your head scarf, and the button pin is adorable too.

    Sue xo

  7. Jen you are such a stylish lady:)
    Love everything about YOU!


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