Tuesday, 19 August 2014

happy research

I am currently scribbling ideas and shuffling plot lines for the third Crystal Bay book. This is Mary-Lou's story. Doing research for these books is a joy. The girls each have specific interests and in order to write with authenticity I have to absorb myself in their worlds, in their interests. With Quincy it was fashion, design and medicine. With Romy it was music, art and flowers. With Lou it's film-making and photography. Lou is a fan of Australian photographer, Olive Cotton. I think I might be too. The Sleeper, 1939, is a study of Cotton's friend, Olga Sharp. The shot was taken during a bush picnic. Cotton began her journey into photography at the age of eleven with a Kodak Box Brownie. I do enjoy knowing such things, don't you? xx

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  1. Oh, yesssss!I enjoy a lot!!!!I love how much passion you put in your work!
    I think to be a perfect mix between Romy and Lou!But I can see a little bit of Quincy in my life too. (Uh-oh!I'm beginning to feel a dissociative identity disorder :-D )
    Thank you for sharing this, Jen!


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