Saturday, 16 August 2014

weekend notebook

Those of you who follow my (rather feeble) boards on Pinterest would know I'm nuts about tweed. Not the perfume. Lord no, remember that? No, I'm talking about fabric. Tweed fabric. I love it. So naturally I adore this skirt from Kinky Gerlinki! I wore it today, dear reader, when I went along to the Melbourne Art Fair at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. I do admire all the edgy Melbournians in their funky BLACK rig outs but sadly I can't do it. Well, not with their commitment. I love vintage and I love colour too much. Especially in winter. My mind works very quickly in a crowd, dear reader, and I counted no less than THREE other women in tweed skirts. In a sea of hundreds I guess you could call it a quiet revolution. But a revolution no less...
Speaking of revolutions, I was gobsmacked by these bone sculptures from Linde Ivimey. Entitled, Off With Her Head, I delighted in the theatricality of it all and the irony. Made from animal bones they were so lifelike, dear reader, I can't tell you. They sent my imagination soaring. Especially the rabbit. I wish you could have seen her up close, I tried to capture some of the detail for you. I do hope you get the gist. 
Short and sweet, dear reader, I must away.
As always, Jen xx

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